Zide Enterprise Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the  Environmental Industry from Taiwan.  We focus and specialise in
(1) Solar Products (2) multi-function high-pressure misting nozzles and fitting for the DIY Misting System

Our Mission To Provide Customers with High-Quality Parts to Reach Peak Performance.
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With the headquarter in Vancouver, Canada, and state-of-the-art facilities in Tainan, Taiwan. Zide Enterprise provides quality products for different industries fields, such as Electric, Electronic, Automobile and Machinery. Led by over 30 years of experienced members, Zide Enterprise is dedicated in developing new technologies of metal processing and providing our customer at competitive price.

Misting System- More than 10 years of manufacturing and research experience allows us to develop the best solution for greenhouse, dumping ground, farming and outdoor cooling. A better quality of orifice nozzle to provide a better misting effect without clogging problems. Our customers come from all continents and our nozzles are use in multitude of applications in Public Environment, Animal, Industrial Area, Agriculture and Horticulture.

Solar Products- Started in 2007, we went into research and development of solar energy components, and begin our mass-production in the first quarter of 2008. We have obtained the latest standards certified by TUV, and the UL certification is under review and approval. Due to the global reduction of carbon issues; it is believed that the Solar Energy components business will bring us to the next level.
At Zide Enterprise Ltd., we produce the best qualities products and provide consistent services to meet customers' satisfaction.
Our vision is working closely with our customers to understand their needs, improve our process to achieve cost effectiveness, constant review and improve our product quality up to the next level and ensure our price competitiveness in order to establish our market share. We work towards a stable bonding with our customer, so that we will all grow together and make a contribution to the end user and the industry.

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